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You are a 2.0 to 2.5 on the BfTT@TWTRP (Bud from Talk Tennis @ Tennis Warehouse Tennis Rating Program) scale.
But don't worry, that means you're a damn good player. Nadal is in the upper 4.0 range.

Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
great consistent strokes! What is your level? I would guess at least 4.0 and as high as over 5.0, but without seeing some match play or more demanding shots, it's hard to tell. You hit the ball so easily and effortlessly and thats a great thing. You look like you could rally for a long time and easily wait for your opponent to make a mistake. Only criticism is that you could be a little more deliberate in your footwork and bend you knees more and wind and unwind your shoulders/hips more into the shot.

JackB1, I'm not from the States but I can tell you for sure those are not "4.0" NTRP strokes. That type of hitting starts with a 5.
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