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Originally Posted by tennis_balla View Post
Hmm thats interesting cause if any stroke that I would like to hit earlier (contact point) its my forehand and not my backhand, where I'm pretty far out in front already but I'll check it out again and see where my contact is at next time I play on the backhand

My racket keeps moving more on my forehand side, I don't really stop it unless I'm too early but on my backhand I do the more conventional classic type of backswing where I stop and then start up again. That tends to make the forehand look more relaxed I would say. Anyways, thanks for the input I'll check it out
BH looks good and strokes look similar to mine...tho you're taller, slimmer and younger.

btw - changed my FH to be a bit more loopy than yours so to get more net clearance. i'd hit with you.

forgot to ask: what FH grip do u use? looks to be a bit SW.
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