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Originally Posted by StringingPro View Post
Hello, I am the manufacturer of Performaxx strings, and hope my generic comments are welcome in this forum.

Thank you for your thoughtful review of WhisperTouch.
I would like to make one suggestion. Be very careful inhaling the smoke from any plastic or other chemical; in the case of polyurethane, the smoke contains cyanide which is not at all good for your game - or you life expectancy.

The meat smell is burning protein and is indicative of both natural gut and "protein like materials such as nylon (polyamide).

All "coated" natural gut that I have ever seen uses some form of polyurethane or polyurea finish on it; some is isocyanate with a polyol to cure it, some are moisture cured PU, others are pre-reacted poly urethanes and others are less expensive mixture of acrylics and PU. The best are cured (also know as thermoset) coatings which are more resistant to heat after curing, the lesser are "thermoplastic" which means they soften with heat. Most synthetics use extruded thermoplastic coatings.

I hope this is of interest.

A question, are the notches in the frayed string shown above in the mains?
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