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Originally Posted by Larrysümmers View Post
it would be an honor playing you. your kps baseball bat and my over power tweener doing battle on a fast indoor court. although, IIRC you are about a 5.0+ who plays on a traveling college team? do i start at 40-love

T1000 and jonnys&v would be cool since he is a far better serve and vollyer. but i want to see Lee and Kiteboard because im just curious on how they play. Lee a former high end amateur and kiteboard a top 50's player in norcal. plus i want to see his h22's. i would also like to see traveljam with his super leaded up frames.
Haha either would be awesome, I love playing another serve and volleyer since we all know whats coming, its just whos better at that game. I also would want to see Clint Thompson vs TonLars. I would want to play either of them too, just to see the difference in level since TonLars has beaten ranked ATP players and Clint is/was ranked
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