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yes and no.

footwork is important.

However, when you swing the wrong racket, you are limited to hitting balls in the 'strike zone' when you are in 'perfect position'.

let me explain.

If you try to hit a ball higher than your chest, when you swing the graphite racket, your arm collides with your chest, wrist flips over, ball into the net, all that funny stuff happens.... when you are in a running/reaching situation, you have no leverage to push the graphite racket into the ball, therefore producing weak shots.

You look at pros game, going at lightening fast pace, ball comes at different heights, from shoelace low, to over-head high, but the pros can always produce a strong reply, even if they are running/reaching.... why?

because they swing the human racket, which has 15-20 times more power potential than the graphite racket. (Hint - Human arm weighs 15-20 lbs).
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