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I have wondered if the parents and players in SoCal are not representative of the overall feelings about the changes. I am speculating, but it might be that SoCal had a disproportional number of Level 3 tournaments and easier access to Level 2 tournaments. Anyway, the mood here has not been one of support. At least the effort to eliminate the Easter Bowl failed.
JM, I remember talking to you about the change in Long Beach back in July. At the time, I was not in favor of it. Now that I see that there are actually TWO level 3's in January within reasonable travel distance (Vegas and Tucson), I'm not so sure the change will be that big of a deal. Any kid on the West Coast with a reasonable ranking should be able to get into either one of those. And unless he goes really deep, he can conceivably finish the tourney Sunday and make it back to school the next day. This I believe was a stated goal of the USTA - which I support, assuming the weather cooperates of course!

BTW, CA Bowl officially canceled - and no mention of refund.
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