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yes and no

5.0 requires not only techniques, but also physical abilities. But to answer your question, yes, with the correct coaching/practicing, no reason why anybody healthy enough can't play tennis correctly (oops, can of worm opened lol).

what you can do, is to practice relaxation, by turning your body left and right, feel your arms fly up due to centrifugal force, feel the blood rushing into your finger tips, feel the arms tugging on the shoulder socket.

that's what it feels like to swing the human racket... then the next thing is that you have to teach the hand how to behave to control the racket face.... just go to FYB or youtube and train the hand to do the 'tracing of a C' type of motion followed by windshield wipe type swing patter (doesn't really matter if you go classical swing path finishing over the shoulder).

put the 2 things together, you can swing this human racket into the ball no matter how high/low it is, no matter if you are standing still or running wide...

And you will be surprised by how effortless it is, because gravity and centrifugal force will be doing most of the work, and all the arm/hands do is holding on to the racket and providing the correct path for the racket face to travel.

Believe me - the brain knows how to swing correctly, if it sees the right picture ... my 9 year old... complete beginner... still has a tendency to push the racket into the ball, but once I remind her 'swing the unit', her FH looks quite Federer-ish.

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