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Originally Posted by justinmadison View Post
I am definitely spoiled at this point. Vegas is 6 hours for me with no traffic, LOL, more like 8. Tucson is 10. Entry will not be a problem until after July, and then entry is less of a problem then ability to win matches.

Looking at the California Bowl you had to have a b16s ranking above 509 to get in. My guess is it will take above 200 for L3ís next year. What is your guess?
JM, if you think about it in the context of the Copper Bowl last year, now you have another choice that's somewhat closer in Vegas... Still 64 kids playing between the two sites closest to us.

Don't follow the 16's much but it seems to me that your math is on target ... My son got in Winter Nats ranked 261 (10th alternate) so 8 tournaments (256 kids total vs. 128 for WN) would give a target of around 500 to qualify. At any one site, it seems to me that a kid close to the median ranking of 250 would have a good shot to get in. FWIW.
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