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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Jack, cool vid. Being a FL boy i have never played indoor tennis.

Your partner is not that good. What you should do when you play that person is practice punishing those moon balls by taking them earlier. I also think your follow through looks a little awkward and tentative, but i am not a tennis coach.
I only play indoors during the Winter. It's a little different indoors. The ball seems to really fly, as compared to outdoors.
It's been quite cold in Atlanta lately. I played a doubles match a couple weeks ago outside and the windchill was below 20. It wasn't fun.

My partner was having some trouble just returning balls directly to me. He is actually pretty good when we just play. I think he was letting up, instead of just swinging away like normal. I will work on a longer and looser follow through. My teacher also has been trying to get me to get the racquet moving earlier and swing more smoothly, instead of jerking it at impact. I think my technique is usually better than what that video showed, but I am sure it does look like that at times, especially when tired. I will try and do another one soon to prove it!
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