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Originally Posted by Bungalo Bill
lol, agree with most of your comments but I think you are reaching here.

Although Sampras could hit a forehand and backhand from the back court, his style was to get to net. That is a S&V style. The same can be said about Rafter. He also was first and foremost a S&V. It was also how Sampras won his last Grand Slam tournament, getting to net. Sampras by far is first and foremost a S&V.

Federer on the other hand is clearly an all-court player.
Could we classify Federer as an all-courter if he played same style
in 90's or 80's ? I don't think so. I'm not even sure if Fed goes to
net as much as Borg did.

I disagree Sampras' style was to get to net. When Sampras was at the
net, he simply finishing the point he already won, if you know what I mean.
His volly was simply block and placement volley.
He did not really need aggressive or magic volleys of Edberg or McAnroe...
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