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Originally Posted by auzzieizm View Post
hah, even a Donnay injection might not cure Volkl fever.

in typical fashion, I may just retract everything I say, in a couple days, weeks, hours... but I hope not.
I though Donnay-itis was a an incurable disease to start with. Is that like fighting fire with fire?

BTW- Dubs were good last night - wish you and tennismonkey could have made it. There are some good dudes in the night owl rotation - prob a few 4.5+

Played a guy tonight that was a test in patience. He was an older guy - a nice dude - but he took a good 30+ seconds between every point. At one point, he had all three balls and he was going through them like a pro looking for the least fuzzy one. It was good mental focus practice. I can now burn a hole in the ball with the laser like focus of my mind...LOL!
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