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Originally Posted by tennis_balla View Post
I don't know the other guys but know Adam. Last time I talked to him was summer '09. He's got 2 kids and coaches at Kew Gardens over the summer (not sure if he's still there) but can still play, well he always could great player. Always liked his game, very easy and relaxed and consistent. Really nice guy as well.
Adam is a super guy. He's moved out closer to missisauga so it's a little tougher commute for him but yes he's still at KEW. Class act. He won the kew open last year and no one was even close and we've got some damn good players at the club.

I played him a couple years ago at the tournament and managed 2 games off of him. Those were two games earned with a lot of sweat, tears and oxygen. Hehehe.

Great coach. If anyone wants like solid instruction in the GTA I recommend him. He's not like most coaches or instructors who sometime cater too much to the 'feel good' lessons. He makes you earn it, ball by bloody ball.
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