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All frames are strung:

Partial review now, simply on stringing:

WC Scorpion:
Already covered.

Already covered.

Polyfibre Hexablade 1.18:
Although this string is only being used in the mains, I cannot deny that my finger tips are sore. The edges of that string are seriously sharp and rough. I mean, I've strung up Tornado, Spiky Shark, Blue Gear, MSV Hex, SPPHEXtreme, and God only knows how many other textured polys in full beds as well. None of them have felt this sharp. I'm not too confident that the crosses are going to last too long based on the string's feel in hand. I think the WhisperTouch is not going to last long at all considering it frayed significantly with the Scorpion, and this feels like a razor in comparison. We'll see tonight.

Mantis Comfort Synthetic:
Very easy multi to string. Extremely floppy like Maxim Touch, but as it's a 1.30mm string, it's more difficult to get through grommets. Weaving it though, is like butter like it is with most soft multis. In hand, it feels almost identical to WC Explosiv!, but I haven't used Explosiv! in any of these tests, so I can't compare playability. Either way, we'll find out how well the MCS plays tonight.
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