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Originally Posted by Datacipher View Post
I am sure he was. McEnroe often had to carry Borg only a couple years after his retirement. Bjorn s style was heavily dependent on huge volumes of practice... But also in this case , courier has a huge age advantage. If courier goes all out he could still hit with something close to tour form, no way Bjorn can be expected to defend against that at his age , in Borg s prime those two wouldn't have been an epic epic battle. Borg is probably one of the few players in history that courier would have feared on clay.
Hmmm, I don't think it's really about "needing a huge amount of practice".
I think it's about Borg's style being the "most modern" of his time, which means his game was more physical than most...let alone McEnroe...regardless of practice time.
In other words his game relies much more on a healthy fast and strong physique than McEnroe's game does. McEnroe has a unique game which isn't as taxing physically (and being the competitive SOB that he is...he is also staying in tip top shape himself...which doesn't hurt).
Also...most of the "veteran" tournaments are played indoors and/or on fast surfaces which pretty much immediately puts McEnroe at an advantage. On clay/slower surfaces Borg's game would still be tough to counter by McEnroe.

Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
I would say 6.0 plus.

Guys like Courier, Rios, Agassi, sampras could still be competitive with top players,,,,,, but the problem more lies with having to do it for an entire tournament. Night and day, and the type of training they would have to commit to is too much for thier bodies to keep up.
I'm thinking in similar terms. They can still play a set at a very very high level (not top 100 in full flight I think...but still "pro level"). The problem lies with playing 3 sets at that pace, and when you win and have to do it again tomorrow...well...that's pretty much impossible for their aging bodies.

Originally Posted by hoosierbr View Post
Borg is the oldest guy out there. He's even older than McEnroe so give him a break!

He's still pretty quick for a dude in his 50's. Gotta give it to him.
Yup, he's a great guy with a great game...who can still give plenty of young guys some humbling tennis lessons.
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