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Originally Posted by pushing_wins View Post
that your speculation. do u really know they dont care? i prefer to err on the side of respect people's privacy

can i start calling you by your real name?

you are probably not even friends with any of them. i dont see you on adams nor ryan's FB friend's list

how stiff is the competition in A2, btw?
Well I don't what to say...for someone who respects people's privacy, why run around and gather info on peeps on face book.

I have Adam's number in my phone. I know RC's dad quite well and run into the whole family at KEW all the time. But I don't think that was the point, who cares?. I was just saying to Tennis Balla that he could find some good competition at KEW and in the GTA.

ALSO...did I say in my last post that I was 'friends' with them? (even though I know them quite well). Chillax dude. Go back to your 'Convince someone they stink post', you'll have a lot more to contribute there bro. No offense but it sure sounds like your trolling again. No one cares about me or who I know or who I don't. This isn't highschool nor is it the movie industry. Just leave it at that.

I'd rather be discussing the leveraged power balla seems to get on a relatively easy swing.

Do you lead up your frames at all Balla?

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