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Alrighty, update time!

Played for two days now with all of the setups. The most that I learned is this: I cannot play with a 3/8 grip. It's just not meant to be. I know that the pros use smaller grip sizes these days, but my hand is just meant to play with a 1/2. With that said, I did play test all of the string combinations and here's what I've got:

Hexablade/WhisperTouch: Very lively. In fact, too lively for the relative lack of feel. I had heard that Hexablade was very soft, but I did not find that at all. I also noticed that it wasn't destroying the gut as much as I was expecting. I think this is a function of the string's edges biting into the soft gut and making it notch, thus not allowing the string to create spin the natural way: snap back. Overall: 8.5/10

Hexablade/MCS: Honestly, this played exactly the same as the gut except with far less power. MCS seems to be (I don't want to speak fully without having played a full bed) a low powered natural gut clone because the feel was exactly the same when coming off of the stringbed. Something in between the power of the gut and MCS might make the Hexablade a good main, so perhaps I'll try Hexablade/Power Synthetic. Overall: 8.5/10

WC Scorpion / MCS: Along the same line as the review above, this setup feels nearly identical to the natural gut version, albeit with less power. Unfortunately for it, it just doesn't give enough pop when compared to the gut. So I really can't rate it as highly as the natural gut variant hybrid. Overall: 9/10

WC Scorpion / WhisperTouch: This is interesting because I played this same setup on a 3/8 grip and a 1/2 grip. On the 3/8 grip, the racquet tended to spin around in my hand which honestly was to be expected since I'm not used to playing with the smaller grip. Even then, it was head and shoulders above the hexablade setup. I think it's going to take me some time to find a setup that I like better than this even though the gut isn't going to last much longer. I ended up playing most of today with the 1/2 grip after having used the 3/8 grip all of yesterday, and it's glorious. Serves, groundstrokes, and volleys most of all are just fantastic. Overall, I'll increase its rating for its consistency: 9.5/10
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