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Originally Posted by WildVolley View Post
Maybe you don't watch much tennis these days, but Roddick is known for more than his 1st serve. His second serve is known for both speed and SPIN.

The videos I watched were of Roddick's 2nd serve. His topspin, topspin slice, and kick serves. Study by John Yandell showed that Roddick was not only surpassing the speed of other players but matching or exceeding the spin on the ball.

So, yes, I'm guilty of basing my judgment on slow motion second serves of one of the greatest servers in history. Later, looking at 2nd serves of Sampras, I saw the same thing. So, I'll stand by my judgment that if two of greatest servers in history (and greatest 2nd serve servers) are pronating into the shot, it is something I should try to emulate.
The pronation always has to be used, at least, to provide the proper racquet string bed orientation. It should be perpendicular to the Target Plane. The best servers also use it to create pronation flat component of the racquet speed. There is no serve without pronation in professional tennis! In case of the spin serve we can use the wrist ulnar deviation. To increase the flat component of the racquet speed we can also use the wrist flexion. The best servers utilize all of these motions.
Anatoly Antipin - one of the most delicate tennis players in the world.

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