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Originally Posted by Colebob View Post
Thanks all. Good advice. I usually go with a normal cotton T Shirt with a sweatshirt on top...but the sweatshirt is bulky and sometimes too hot...yet the T Shirt is not enough. I do have some UA stuff that I use for golf...maybe I will give that a try? Are there any Tennis specific a long sleeve T shirt, but high tech fabric that also keeps dry?

When I play indoors in the winter I find a lighter weight long-sleeve tech fabric works extremely well. I purchased a number of New Balance long sleeves at a warehouse club that have fit the bill for under $15 a shirt. I wouldn't limit it to "tennis specific" clothes because you'll have fewer choices and higher prices. 99% of tennis clothes (outside of warm-ups) are made for warm weather play.

I'm not a big fan of cotton shirts now, especially when you're dealing with cold weather (either playing outdoors or indoors) because they hold in your sweat and it makes me colder when I stop playing. My 2 cents..
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