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Default OMG: Tennis shoes are stiff!

Up until I found this forum, I never used the "special" tennis shoes before. I always played in some adidas (not specifically made for tennis). Last year it was "Forest Hills" (or something like this -- I never paid close attention). Then later in the year, I saw Nike Air Court Del Mar on sale, and got them (they were cheap). They were trully cheap. I played in them for a month, and went back to adidas. This year, I made myself a Christmas present -- "the proper" tennis shoes. They are Nike Breathe 2K10. Now I opened them, and put them on.

Now I am in shock. All I can say is: "OMG!". Are you guys seriously playing in those shoes?
They are so incredibly stiff, they feel almost orthopedic. There is also no cushioning in the forefoot whatsoever. It is supposed to be like this? Did I get some kind of defective pair?
Should I have ordered Barricades from Adidas? Are they different in feel from Nike?

I cannot believe the difference: my old Forest Hills are like socks with extra-soft soles. All I feel is the softness. Nikes feel like prosthetic boots. Will the break in and become soft with time? I can still send them back while they are new...
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