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Originally Posted by tball View Post
Now I am in shock. All I can say is: "OMG!". Are you guys seriously playing in those shoes?
They are so incredibly stiff, they feel almost orthopedic. There is also no cushioning in the forefoot whatsoever.
Please don't take offense but it almost sounds to me like you're used to fairly cheap shoes that feel more like "pillows". This isn't effective cushioning at an athletic level. Stand on a wooden beam and then stand on an air mattress. Which has more support? I know that's an extreme example but well built athletic shoes are going to have firm support as firm is what supports in the first place. It's like wrapping an ankle with a tape job as opposed to putting on a sock. The sock is comfy but it provides no support. The cushioning for athletic shoes needs to come into play when your 100+ lbs of body weight is all being thrust about. It doesn't need to be geared towards cushioning when you're just standing around. The stiffness of the shoe overall will loosen up a bit as you use it.
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