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Originally Posted by Uvijek Argen View Post
tball, Definitely exchange them. Even with breaking period that shoe wont get any softer. 2K10 is the same midsole-outsole from the Vapor 6. And that is a horrible shoe.
Its obvious that you are like me (looking for a good confy-support shoe).
So far my best experience is with Asics Gel Resolution. Not just comfortable,but its the only shoe that never got hot and burn my feet inside during summer.

I personally will try once the Fila Alfa 2 cause I know fila does good shoes in general. But if things don't go well, Asics Gel Resolution will be my come back shoe.

So....highly recommend it.
UA, where are you buying your shoes? Just wondered if you were buying local. I hear that the asics are real comfy, but my foot is a little wide, so i have to be picky or i pay the price.
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