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We don't have indoor courts so for the winter season

Hat or toboggan cap if its below 25
Layer 1 Reebok dry fit T shirt
Layer 2 Under armour long sleeve
Layer 3 Short sleeved Nike Dri-fit Crew
Layer 4 Adidas Climate fitted jacket
Wrist bands (on both arms)

Latex gloves (hold in all the heat and sweat so you hands never get cold. (old hockey trick)
Racket ball leather glove right hand (hitting hand)
Mechanic glove for my left hand

Boxer Briefs
Cotton long johns
Joe Boxer sweat pants
Nike Dri-fit socks (ankle cut)
second pair of padded hiking socks

I get funny looks but I come from a Hockey background so having agility in a ton of clothing and pads doesn't seem to bother me at all. and I stay warm the whole time and watch my opponents freeze.

also the ball I keep in my jacket pocket warms up pretty fast and makes for one heck of a kicker on my second serve when the rest of the time the balls are quickly going dead in the cold.
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