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Alrighty! After launching 500 balls, the Mosquito Bite setup is finished. Total hours logged, I don't know. Maybe 6? I had two private lessons using it, and hit around intermittenly with it since I was using so many other frames at the time. I guess the main thing to note here is that the tension never dropped until the LF became stretched out when it got really thin. So, the final verdict is as follows:

WeissCANNON MosquitoBite 1.16 Vein Blue / Laserfibre SNGPS

Power: 8/10

Control: 8.5/10

Feel: 9.5/10

Spin: 7/10

Durability: 7/10

Tension Maintenance:

Total: 49.75/60

Final Total: 83/100

- Dave

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