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Originally Posted by TimothyO View Post
I'm curious as to how others might have strung the London to tone down the power. It's not huge by most standards but for someone who has used the PB10 Mid and Dunlop 4D 100 it's certainly a different experience. I'm thinking about bumping up the tension on my VS17 a bit. Just not sure how much would be needed to feel a difference while maintaining my arm-friendly approach.
I just started using the London about a month or so ago (count me in as a club member!) after using various versions of the Volkl V1 and then demoing a number of other sticks until discovering the London. Thoroughly pleased with it so far and my game has definitely improved.

I supply a fair amount of my own power (mostly flat with a little top as needed) and realized after demoing a London that I'd need to string up a bit to tone down the inherent power of the London. While I haven't tried gut yet, I've got mine strung with Polyfiber TCS 17 in the mains at 58, and Head RIP Control 17 at 56 in the crosses. I've had elbow issues in the past and so far this setup has been arm-friendly and produced more controllable shots for me. May experiment with some other strings that have been recommended, but this tension seems to work for me.
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