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Default Lunarlite Tour or Yonex 307 or Defier DS?

I'm trying to decide on which of these three wider-than-average shoes I should get. I'm not in a position to try them on, so I'm hoping I can get a little guidance before I mail-order.

I've got wider than average (E) feet. I like light, minimal shoes, but I also like them to be sturdy under the arch. If I can put my fist inside the shoe and collapse the arch I'm not interested. (Shoes these days all have cut-out shanks, which makes no sense to me, but there it is.)

I like roomy toe-boxes, the wider and more "square", instead of pointed, the better.

I like higher than average heels but low to the ground in the forefoot.

I'm an all-court player and don't need tremendous lateral stability, but I do appreciate better than average cushioning, or my knees do rather. But I also don't like an overly cushioned shoe where I don't feel like I can feel the ground.

I play on hardcourt and acrylic and don't require super grippy soles.

Much appreciate any suggestions or comments about any of these shoes you've tried.
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