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Originally Posted by g4driver View Post
Thanks for doing the Typhoon/NGR 2 setup. Looking forward to reading your review.

Two more questions for you if you have some a moment of free time.

1) What are your thoughts on a comparison of Mantis Comfort versus NRG2?

A reel of Mantis is about 1/2 the price of NRG2.

2) Would Tornado by the best black poly for friends who think they want to try to "RPM Blast"? I have had several friends ask me to string their frames with RPM Blast. I try to talk them out of it due it price first of all, and more importantly it seems plenty of people think Tornado or MSV Hex hits better.

Thanks again for your time. Truly appreciate your efforts and yes this is a 5 Star Thread!
For your first comment, MCS and NRG2 can't even be compared. They only thing they share is multifilament construction. They play absolutely nothing alike and are for completely different types of players. MCS is likely the least powerful multi on the market while NRG2 is likely the most powerful. MCS feels like gut, NRG2 is scalpel edge sharp and crisp. They can't be compared. You would use one or the other to accentuate or damp the characteristics of a particular main. If used in the mains, then that's another story altogether.

Curiously, I have reels of all three: RPM Blast 16, MSV Hex 1.10 and Tornado 1.23. People ask for RPM because it's popular and well known, and I give an offer whereby after they're done with the setup, I'll put in a string either free of charge, or in the case of Tornado, half off. This way, they can see that cheaper strings exist which play far better for far longer.

As far as Tornado actually being better, it's not really my cup of tea anyway. I wish I could tell you that it's a super shaped poly, but in all honesty, it's just a nice feeling poly which generates good spin. I still prefer the Scorpion setup over it by an enormous margin. I would also look at Volkl Cyclone 17 and the Cyber Twirl that I playtested if you want great value textured or shaped polys.
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