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Originally Posted by hound 109 View Post
I definitely like the idea of the Level 3 (& the level 2) tournaments running concurrently. I also like the more "regional" aspect of it. (but jeez.....who selected the out in the middle of nowhere site of Midland TX.....& two months in a row?? ugh)
I don't see the level 2's running concurrently from level 3's, and that's not what the web site says either. Can you clarify where you are getting this?

JM, I remember talking to you about the change in Long Beach back in July. At the time, I was not in favor of it. Now that I see that there are actually TWO level 3's in January within reasonable travel distance (Vegas and Tucson), I'm not so sure the change will be that big of a deal.
Aren't there 3 of them? You are missing Palm Desert, which is the closest for SoCal boys.

What really sucks in all this is NorCal (and I think Pacific NW) got screwed. Palm Desert is 8hrs away with no traffic (drive thru LA with no traffic? good luck). LV & AZ is even farther.
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