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For the moment I have one foot inside the club and one out
I am trying to make this stick work and it has been battling it out with my #1 stick, the Youtek Instinct. The Instinct is easier at my level (3.5) but the London makes the extra effort worth it! The sweet feeling of a shot struck in the sweet spot reminds me why I love just hitting ball after ball with the London.

The OP is correct in stating that if you swing out and don't apply the needed topspin, the balls will launch into the back fence. The London isn't high powered by any means, but there seems to be a fine line between control and rocket launch, when you swing hard. I have only has this stick for about 3 weeks and am still working out the kinks, so hopefully I will dial in the needed adjustments.

My setup is as usual...NRG2 mains w/ co-poly (Hyperion) crosses, at 53/51. Yes, NRG2 is a "quick" string, but I need to protect my arm and cannot handle a poly in the mains. I would like to hear from others who have elbow issues and what your setups are with the London? I could try reversing my hybrid and see how that feels, but I would prefer to keep things on the soft side. I also have some Maxim Touch which is a lower powered multi. I could try those instead of NRG.

Also...could everyone please post their preferred string setups with their London's?
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