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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
I would like to hear from others who have elbow issues and what your setups are with the London? I could try reversing my hybrid and see how that feels, but I would prefer to keep things on the soft side. [/B]
I too have a sensitive arm due to other sports (eg fencing). I string VS17 mains at 50# and Xcel Premium 17 crosses at 52#. It's not just easy on the arm but short sessions seem almost therapeutic (as with my PB10 Mid)!

I took about 15 minutes or so to dial in the spin angle required to hit hard while keeping it in, but once I got it things were easy. My hitting partner literally described my accuracy and consistency as a "ball machine" during warm up rallies.

If I got careless and swung hard it would launch balls. This racquet and setup are EXTREMELY forgiving with a slow-moderate swing speed. When hitting hard I did need to focus and "look the ball into the bed". But when I was in that zone I was rewarded with the best hitting experience of my very short tennis "career".

This week I've been doing lots of work around the house (eg new flooring) which has also been tough on my arm. Going out to hit for short sessions was a relief as it loosened up the muscles and worked out cramps.
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