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Originally Posted by BSPE84 View Post
The SoCal people didn't complain in previous years with the West Coast Championships in Sacramento and the **** event in Carmel .
Ah, the rich wants more. You are forgetting Nationals in Long Beach in July, in Irvine in Nov, Easter Bowl in April, Monsoon Bowl in Dec. And I'm sure I'm forgetting a few...(Dunlop?)

Anyways, I clicked thru the 2011 links quickly. I think it's clear this new "Regional" format doesn't reduce the travel at all for NorCal region who qualifies for Level 3 or above.

For the level 3 Segments, out of the four segments of the year, only two have a site in NorCal (July in Sacramento, and Sept in Carmel). I think these are the formerly West Coast Champs & ****. The remaining two the closest are in Palm Dessert/LV/Tucson.
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