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Default UPDATE!!:Genesis Typhoon 16L / Technifibre NRG2 1.18

Stringing: This is an interesting one. Even in the mains, Typhoon is a monster to string. It absolutely hates being handled. IMO, of all of the highly textured, shaped and extruded strings that I've strung up, Typhoon is the most annoying. It was just going in the mains, and it was still trying to kink up on me. That said, it didn't really seem to be an issue once tensioned, so we'll see how it goes. I've already talked about NRG2's ease of stringing, and it was the same here. Nothing to talk about. Tension: 55/57, knot setting on cross tie-offs.

Playability: This is an interesting one. I strung this setup lower than any other stringjob that I've ever played with in my entire life. I have never strung NRG2 below 60lbs, ever. I only did so here because I didn't want a huge discrepancy between my Typhoon tension and the cross tension. With that said, after an hour of hitting, this is a letdown. It just doesn't have enough power. Those are words I never thought that I'd ever say. You have to work extremely hard to get the ball over the net, let alone past the service line. The actual feel of the ball is excellent though: super crisp with a nice THUNK sound. The feel leaves something to be desired, however. At the net, it just feels dead. You can't really gauge your touch shots well and modulating the amount of power vs. spin on a shot is even harder since there's no power to work with. The spin is...adequate. If you know how to make spin, then this will be fine for you. Otherwise, I have to be honest: this isn't a setup that I'll be using in the future.

Minimal fraying of the NRG. Perhaps once the NRG loosens up the pop will come back to the stringbed. Who knows. I don't really care since it was such a let down.

Overall: 8/10

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