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Originally Posted by Jamesm182 View Post
which county?, and do you mean you are not particularly good, or the county? are you interested in hitting etc? have you got any videos or details etc?

Tbh i should be a lot higher, lost 3 winnable matches i can remember. By summer i was inside top 40 but not many tourns to enter through winter locally.

Im just after good regular hits etc..i might be playing tomorrow if you need a video.
Both are poor me and the county :P, not gonna say, dont want other member of this board criticising my results and preformance etc. I won a grade 5 open event against a couple junior guys and some fitness coach for the lta in the winter but apart from that there have been no mens tours near where I am.

Sorry don't have a video and no really interested in hitting. Just wanted to have a chat on here with some non USTA player
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