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Originally Posted by David Pavlich
How many times do you think a player sees a shot in that is called out and accepts the bad call? I remember seeing Todd Martin and Carlos Moya overturn calls and give a point to their opponent. Moya was playing Corretja but I forget who Todd was playing. I'm sure some of you have seen other examples, but I can assure you that it's rare.

Is there that much difference between what has been alleged about Sprem and what happens during a match such as I have mentioned?

I've seen Moya give points to his opponents many times, but Moya is a top ATP player and a former champion/#1... Sprem is trying to win her first title and shes only 19 (meaning shes a kid).. That may be the reason why she didn't say anything.. SHe was given a free point when she was down.. She took.
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