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Yeah...I sometimes don't type exactly what i'm thinking. Gully is correct. I meant that the 8 L3 (regional) tournaments will all fall on the same weekend in January.

(& also in July, Sept. & Oct, there will only be ONE weekend in each of these months that these L3s will be opposed to spread out all over the calender.)

Originally Posted by gully View Post
He might have meant that the level 3s will run concurrently with each other -- as the L2s do (and have). Eight L3s run concurrently, as opposed to the random scheduling they had before.......
And regarding Draw Size:

Only 22 to 23 applicants in my kid's draw in Midland TX, & even most of the older kid's draws had at most 40 kids lowering the draw size to 32 had ZERO impact....then again it IS Midland Texas. A couple of kids from Oklahoma were the only out of staters. Heck....the El Paso kids are playing in AZ & the Houston kids are playing in Mobile.

I don't think the REAL squealing will take place until the Level 2s in Feb. (only 4 tournaments....& only 32 draws.)
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