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Originally Posted by Snipereyez View Post
Count me in. I have mine strung with Gaucho 16 / MSV 17 @ 50/52lbs. I've tried natural gut before and didn't quite like the "softness" so I'm still getting used to it. I second the post about the ball flying out of control when going all out and not applying enough topspin. I love the dwell time and my sbh is much much better but my forehand is still struggling a bit and will need some adjustments. Btw...I came from the Kblade 98.
I had to adjust a little as well, but now I am finding my range with the London while swinging hard on my f/h. I learned to really relax the arm so
the racquet drops and the wrist lays back. Then it's much easier to come over the ball with proper topspin. I was also used to a closed pattern racquet and the open pattern of the London hit a little higher trajectory over the net than I was used to.
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