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Gotta love it when the hard work pays off and you honestly flirt with that "next level" for more than just a few minutes.

Sounds to me like the two improvements you're most aware of are your mental persistence and your preparation/movement. Setting up earlier on more balls will give you command over more of your shots more often. Keep after that habit and you'll be able to routinely play up closer to your potential.

Believing is believing! When you decide to get after every ball and not quit until the point is actually over, that can honestly demoralize some opponents right out of a match. That frame of mind can also keep you playing a stronger, steadier game when you're up and want to keep pressing your lead, but also when you're down and want to reel the other guy in.

If nothing else, that match should give you a strong reference to help you in the future - you now have a better grasp of the quality of game that you can sustain.
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