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Originally Posted by PaulMan View Post
Auzzie, I see you hated the Kneissl green
Hey Paulman,

Watching Fed match live, so no worries about spoiling your 2011 perfect match score posting record. Just kidding buddy.

Just wanted to let you know, that I met a guy recently who customizes for the pros. Matches racquets, silicone, ..etc. Think he recently did Odesnik's for a challenger he is playing in. The guy is a character..not sure if that's a good thing.

So my question to you. Have you ever changed a pallette? Extended a racquet length?.

If not, how can you get to master open class status, unless you just get points for swinging a demo and customizing dora the explorer sticks. Maybe that's only true in certain sections of the country.

Keep swinging for the stars... you may get the lob in.
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