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Originally Posted by Sup2Dresq View Post

There is an argentinian guy who tinkers with racquets.. aka "the magic man"... that claims you can get a different balance not only from lead in the handle but placing the lead above or below where you hand settles on the grip. Lots of peeps seem to be going to that direction, especially the one handers.

Which btw, I went back to a one hander, working out, and am finally feeling a lot better (Sun power system activate). I shall return to my 3.5 status and care about tennis again. However drinking is fundamental for sustain the mojo.

p.s. for those who are into strength training. My UFC friend put me onto this stuff and I stopped using it last year when "the dark days" began. We'll I got some yesterday and am super eager to start using it. Let's get Jack3d.

Chris_Downs .. did you ever get to try it out?

Sup, great to hear you are back on the courts and enjoying tennis again! Drinkin is most definitely great for the mojo! Balance is way to go but always

I agree with the "magic man". It does make a difference!

I also have two flavors of Jack3d but only use it on days of low energy levels. I need to do some training to get rid of all this excess weight though! I could really put that Jack3d to good use if and when I do start...
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