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Well, I'd been playing a lot of doubles, which really is a poor workout, and hitting the treadmill, but don't push myself that hard. Also tried jumprope.

The thing is with basketball, that you have to run, or your teammates will be all over you. And it's competitive and I want to win, so I ended up running. 10 minutes in my first game I had to stop I was breathing so hard and cramped. But once I got my wind, the carry-over to tennis was amazing.

I've been working hard on my game, especially developing a consistent backhand, more topspin on my FH, a consistent 2nd serve, and following the Rafa strategy of "hit the ball as hard as you can...and then try to figure out how to keep it in" against superior opponents.

I was making progress on those fronts, but it took fitness and stamina to be able to get to balls early or on time and put the shots where I wanted them instead of reaching for a weaker shot.

Up tomorrow, a solid 4.0 who has beaten me 3 times since my comeback after a decade off, though we haven't played in about a month or so. He loves to drop shot me and hit sharply angled backhands that are hard to get, but isn't near the player yesterday's opponent was.
It'll be interesting to see how I do, I could choke in the face of a light-hitting, crafty opponent. I'm just going to continue to hit my shots hard and place them carefully and run run run...let's see what happens. It's not about winning or losing, it's about progression...though let's face it, I hate to lose
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