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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
You CAN, but most people don't.
For instance, going for a big fast serve, most people lean into the court with a toss maybe a foot inside the baseline.
Then, missing that, and fear creeping from within, they toss right at the baseline to dink the second serve, but their body forgot to make the adjustment. I see that happenning all the time in lower levels of tennis. It happens to me quite often, actually, me going for a certain serve without the mechanics needed for that serve, my mechanics still lagging behind with the previous serve.
Like an up the center stripe serve missed, so you decide to go wide, but your mind forgot to tell your body somehow, and you hit off balance.
Substitute the "you" for ME... Had a discombobulated day today.
This reminds me: for my first, flat serve, I do a very short toss, slightly forwards. It gives me a lot of power, but...

a) it gives me shoulder pains (I used to play volleyball, and I got injured at one point, so it makes my shoulder go *crunch* even with adequate warmups/stretching); but most importantly
b) it's too easy to read, though I do some wicked slice serves with that same toss (it hits the edge of the tramline, halfway up the length of the service box before spinning off the court and hitting the wall)

I find tossing the ball higher and slightly backwards produces much weaker but more consistent twists and kickers serves...any tips?

I want to record myself playing but I haven't had the opportunity to play at all in recent weeks...

(sorry for hijacking your thread)
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