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Originally Posted by skeeter View Post
Liken that new avatar there, Jack! And glad you're feeling better about the London these days. I continue to enjoy mine and have also worked on my technique a bit to provide more topspin such that my baseline shots are deep and penetrating, but IN. I've found that loosening up my grip a little has also helped.
It's starting to click more recently. I just have to find my optimum string setup. I have been using NRG/CoPoly but think maybe I will try the reverse and see how that works. Coming from the closed pattern Instinct, it's weird, but the London has more topspin "potential", but it also is easier to sail balls long if you don't get under it properly. It's a little tough to flatten out shots without hitting them long though....I am still working on that. Topspin deep rally shots aren't a problem anymore, but I want to be able to hit those flatter winners into the open court when the opportunity is there. I will also try loosening up my grip, like you have done.
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