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Originally Posted by Jdrizzle03 View Post
Ok thanks man, I was just asking because I might just want to ask to see what they offer and weigh my options because I like my racket and string now, but getting a discount is always helpful. Also, does anyone know about tecnifibre? And can you just get a string sponsorship with them?
What kind of racket do you use now? I have talked to technifibre, and they have gotten a lot stricter on their requirements. A couple years ago apparantly if you could hit the ball you would get a sponsorship from them. Technifibre now requires top 300 in the nation (US). Actually, here is the email the rep sent me.

Thanks for your request, we greatly appreciate your inquiry for the Tecnifibre USA Team Program. Here are the details and requirements (which is a preferred player pricing sponsorship):

Requirements: Who qualifies?

Junior players with a top 300 USTA National ranking
NCAA Division I, II, and III college players and coaches
NAIA college players and coaches
NJCAA Top 15 ranked college team members and coaches
Adult players with a top 25 national ranking
Adult players with a top 5 ranking in their section
USPTA and PTR certified teaching professionals with current status
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