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Originally Posted by TennisMaverick View Post
Did you solve your NRG2 tension issues?

The London is a "feel" stick. Long dwell time and feel go hand-n-hand. Holding the stick loser, gives you more feel.

IMO, some of you are making this much more difficult than it is. After hitting a few balls, your hand should make the adjustment to the London from wherever stick it was you came from. Feel sticks make transitions easy. Feel...don't think. Too much paralysis from analysis.
Yes on the NRG2; feels good. What I'm learning from the London is that the dwell time and overall feel of the racquet is actually "causing" me to loosen my grip and keep a relatively relaxed arm; not something that I'm consciously thinking about too much.

Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
It's starting to click more recently. I just have to find my optimum string setup. I have been using NRG/CoPoly but think maybe I will try the reverse and see how that works. Coming from the closed pattern Instinct, it's weird, but the London has more topspin "potential", but it also is easier to sail balls long if you don't get under it properly. It's a little tough to flatten out shots without hitting them long though....I am still working on that. Topspin deep rally shots aren't a problem anymore, but I want to be able to hit those flatter winners into the open court when the opportunity is there. I will also try loosening up my grip, like you have done.
I read somewhere that loosening the grip on serves can provide more racquet head speed, thus more pop, and it works for me pretty well. As noted above, I've started to naturally keep the same loosened grip on the London on my other strokes due to the dwell time and, as TM noted, I'm getting more feel and more control.

TM suggested in a previous thread that the London can hit very flat with poly mains and multi crosses, with crosses 2-4 lbs looser. You might try that on your next string job.
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