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WeissCANNON, WeissCANNON, WeissCANNON. How, and I mean HOW in the Hell do you do this? How can you make strings this good?

WeissCANNON Black5Edge / WhisperTouch

easy to string. It's WeissCANNON. I can sleep under anesthesia with more difficulty than I can string anything from WC. Gut has already been covered. Strung at 55/57.

What, the ****. What....the ****. WC. Seriously? How are no pros using this string? Silverstring? Not even close. This is the string to choose from between Scorpion and B5E. If you want something softer, use Scorpion. If you want crisper, use B5E. This string is so unbelievably responsive, it defies logic. Seriously. The feel is astounding. More importantly, this setup is incredibly soft. For once, the description from a manufacturer is accurate.

This is the first "soft" poly that I have ever used. It feels like a multifilament, but plays like a poly. IF you can generate spin, the string gives you all that you want. Coupled with the gut, you can create sounds that shake your spine if you put up a 100+ flat serve. I'm not going to go on like some do and say "you just can't miss!!". What I'm saying is that this string does what you want it to do. You want to hit a short angle shot, it hits a short angle shot. You want a touch volley, you get a touch volley.

It has the characteristics of a high end multifilament and a high end polyester all in one. Astounding. Again, if you want something a bit softer, go with the Scorpion. If you want something a bit crisper, go with the B5E. WC, upon release of this string, is now the best string manufacturer out there and I stand by that statement 100%. If you sit there and think about it, they do not make a single bad string.

Frayed the gut about as much as the Scorpion. There's not much to talk about here yet. I played for an hour and a half against a good junior player and purposely gave him spin to drive him mad, and the WhisperTouch continues to show that it's no slouch when it comes to not only feel, but also longevity.

Tied with the Scorpion setup: 9.5/10
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