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Originally Posted by hollywood9826 View Post
Instead of Jack3d you should just get an 8ball from some dude on the side of the street preferably one with a god given voice for radio.

As far as those Diadoras go thye have been out for a while, but sadly I dont see them coming to the US. the Bird is already selling the 2011 Speed pros and Speed Stars. Of course they dont look any where close to those black Speed Pros and yellow Speed Stars. Speed pros are still my favorite shoe ever, except I wear through them so fast. The new models are a bit heavier than the old ones I had so maybe that extra weight meansd a bit more rubber.

I got some money for Xmas so maybe I go to the bird tommorrow and try them out.

Too bad they never released the Guga colors in US either.

The Guga colored ones are NYCE!

Originally Posted by hollywood9826 View Post
Heres the new speed pros not quite as cool as the blacks.

And the speed stars

Obvioulsy both have more conservative white color ways.
Speed stars look too much like indoor soccer shoes. I do agree that the speed pro colorway is very cool.
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