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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
Thanks for the comments on the B5E. I have some coming in the mail. So Scorpion is still softer than B5E? Is it noticeably softer or just by a fraction?
Does the B5E give you more spin than Scorpion? How about power difference between the two?

So is this accurate?

If you want a softer feel, with less spin, go with Scorpion.
If you want a crisper feel, with more spin, go with B5E?

It sounds like B5E is a superior string in almost every way, so why would anyone pick Scorpion over it?

I have never strung guy before and do you do anything "different" when stringing Whisper Touch, as opposed to a multi?
I have a lot of NRG2 and Maxim Touch left. Do you think I will get similar results with Scorpion or B5E in the mains and
Maxim Touch or NRG2 in the crosses? (as opposed to gut)? thanks for a great thread!
Scorpion is still a softer string yes. The thing about B5E is that it doesn't feel like a poly. For example, Kirschbaum PLII feels like lemon meringue while Pro Supex Blue Gear feels like The Rack. They both still feel like polyester strings when hitting with them though. Scorpion feels like a polyester string, so if you want a poly which is very soft and lively, then that's the string to choose. B5E does NOT feel like a poly. It feels like a multifilament. Not a soft multifilament, but a thick gauge high-end multi...that sort of stiffness; it's rather hard to describe. But yes you're right: scorpion is still the softer of the two.

However, on your next point. B5E does give you more spin, but it's not super shaped like some strings are these days. That's why my "if" was in capitals (not a typo ). You need to be able to generate your own spin; this isn't the spin monster that WC says it is. It generates spin on the level of SpinX or Big Ace Micro. Scorpion generates slightly less spin, but still a very large amount. The power difference again is minute. Scorpion is the more powerful of the pair, clearly. However, Scorp lets you control that power better than B5E does. You rely more on the spin with the B5E than you do with the white stuff. If you were to hit the same shot, let's say an inside-in, DTL forehand winner, you'd make both shots and they would land in the same spot. The B5E shot would have more arc to it. That's because as I said in my Scorp review, coupled with the WhisperTouch, you can modulate exactly how much power you want going into every ball. That's harder with the B5E, but since it has more spin, it's a moot point.

So no, your conclusion is not correct. They are two different offerings for two different players. Scorpion is definitely for the player who must have absolute touch and power. B5E is for the player who must have spin and control. That's why I rated them both 9.5/10. You can play just as well with either, it just depends on what you're doing:

First Serves:
Second Serves: B5E
Groundstrokes: B5E
Volleys: Scorpion

While you could try it, I would bet that to get the results I'm talking about, you need something as responsive as natural gut. Maxim Touch is definitely not going to do the trick as it has as much power as Lesotho. NRG2 has the power, but it doesn't have the amount of feel that you get. Honestly, WhisperTouch, Klip, VS, Tonic, any natural gut would work. I choose the PerforMAXX because it's only ~20 bucks a set and plays better than all of them aside from VS which is in a class of its own.
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