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Default How should friends handle this?

I'm wondering how you folks would handle this situation.

Four friends (Amy, Bea, Cathy and Dora) are taking a five-day vacation. Bea, Cathy and Dora will be traveling on the same itinerary -- same flights. This means they will share a cab to the hotel, at a total cost of $60 one way.

Amy is going to make it a longer vacation to visit family in the area. She will fly separately both ways and will rent a car to get around. She will meet up with the others for the hotel portion of the vacation. Once she meets the others, there will be no need for anyone to have a car -- it will be parked (for free) at the hotel.

Here's the question: If Amy gives Bea, Cathy and Dora a ride from the hotel back to the airport (thereby saving them $60), should Amy receive $60 from the others? If they do not offer, should she ask? Should Amy just consider it a favor and let it go? Is there a better/different solution?
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