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Originally Posted by TennisMaverick View Post
I was involved. Three posters had issues with my info and their perceived lack of my willingness to kiss their cultural sensibilities, and one posted the three times to complain. It was probably one too many. I gave them all an analogy and asked them to ignore me and my posts since they found no appreciation in any of my info, but it was to no avail.
I've got another analogy for you:

Everyone is at a party, having a good time, mingling, maybe making close chit-chat with a pretty girl in the corner, when a conspicuous loud-mouthed poser who thinks he's some hot-shot starts bellowing about how great he is and ridiculing the average Joe. His banter can't help but be overheard - to the annoyance of the other guests.

Drop a turd in the punchbowl while you're at it.

I'm done with analogies and any other non-equipment related bs in this thread.
"I was one of the best off my croop of buddies, yet I never happened to be the first to cover a chic after a nightly rodeo..." - the kikster
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