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Originally Posted by dParis View Post
I've got another analogy for you:

Everyone is at a party, having a good time, mingling, maybe making close chit-chat with a pretty girl in the corner, when a conspicuous loud-mouthed poser who thinks he's some hot-shot starts bellowing about how great he is and ridiculing the average Joe. His banter can't help but be overheard - to the annoyance of the other guests.

Drop a turd in the punchbowl while you're at it.

I'm done with analogies and any other non-equipment related bs in this thread.
"I like the London. . . . I don't like the London. . . . The London is overly powerful. . . . The London gets pushed around. . . . If you hold your hand this way and swing your arm that way the London works. . . . The London works for me. . . . The London doesn't work for me."

Oh yeah, this type of circular discussion and reasoning will definitely take us to the next level in our games. There are only a handful of sticks out there that can truly complement our games. Maverick explained with good technical facility how to determine this frame, how to optimize this frame through mods for our particular games, the differences in the playing styles (so that we can make more informed decisions), and would probably divulge tactical and strategic advice if asked---FREE PROFESSIONAL advice!

But like I stated in the other thread before it was dumped: Do you want your ego stroked or to learn about tennis? If all we're going to do is engage in philanthropic, subjective, circle talk in the happy place, what good is that? I don't need it.
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