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Originally Posted by BSPE84 View Post
JM, I only count 6 for my kid, same thing for another one of his buddies.
Same for my kid. They made the change....6 singles & 6 doubles results counted.

B12s National Ranking dated 1/5/11.

Regarding the Regional L3s. Did anyone else have new applicants dropped into the "Applicant" list AFTER the deadline. 1/2 a dozen were dropped into each age group in Midland yesterday.

(I thought one had to sign up for multiple sites if they wanted flexibility to play at one site or other words first choice, second choice etc.)

These new kids were NOT there at the deadline close. No worries for my kid, but he's got some older friends who might be pushed out of the draw (by out of state kids who weren't on the applicant list the day after the deadline).

Note - the competititor list hasn't been posted yet....i heard it might come out today for the Midland TX tournament.
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